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SARL GIRAUD SERGE ET FILS was created 11 years later, it is the result of the association with his sons : Patrick and Claude. Installed in its final location in 1982, SARL Giraud from 3 employees to over 20 today.

Word of mouth has based the development of the company, 90% of the clientele consists of individuals.

Every person employed at a knowledge related to his specialty, 9 trades are coordinated within the company.

Fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms are made in-house, in close relation with the will and desire of clients.

New activities, but also bring new technologies into traditional trades. Thus all thermal installations are possible: fossil and renewable energies such as biomass, wood, solar and geothermal.

To accompany, suggest and help visitors to choose their future quality of life, in 2000, an exhibition hall is created. Every year is organized an open door where several companies exhibit their products.

Finally in 2006, a upscale lodging was born, it combines all the technical to implement today, around the construction and renovation of housing.

Whether around an exhibition hall, a house or even multimedia communication tool, expertise is always accompanied by the expertise within the SARL Serge Giraud et Fils.

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