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Spa means health through water. Its use allows to relax, to take care of his body and grow by a massage with nozzles placed in different locations. To unpack the spa today is the modern equivalent of baths of hot water of our Greek or Roman ancestors.

A spa has several massage positions. We offer various brand's ranges Dimension One:

  • Our spas (2 to 7 seats)
  • Our swim spas (with or without seats)

our Saunas

This is a dry heat bath. It takes in a wooden cage warmed by a stove filled with volcanic stone. the poured water on the stones to make steam and increase the rate of moisture.

This ancient tradition can purify the body. The benefits of the sauna are recognized by the medical profession.

our Steam

The hammam or steam bath is a wet heat bath of Eastern tradition. Originally it was practiced in a hygienic and social purpose.

This natural relaxation method is done with steam of water. These benefits are many: relaxation of muscles, airway ...

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