Condensing boiler fuel

The fuel condensing boilers operate on the heat recovery principle in two stages by a combination of cast iron or steel heating surface and stainless steel heat exchanger or ceramic excellent corrosion resistance, placed downstream of the boiler. With this principle the combustion and condensation take place in two separate entities.

Possible combustion residues remain in the home easy to clean. Thus condensation produces virtually no deposit in the exchanger. Condensing boilers can also be connected to a vertical or horizontal suction cup or a chimney.

Viessmann condensing technology: the heat exchanger Inox-Radial was combined with a compact two-stage burner blue flame. This combination ensures maximum energy efficiency and extremely quiet operation.

With their small footprint, the Viessmann boilers are particularly suited to replacement of old oil boilers.

Gallery Fuel

Chauffage fioul Savigné
Chauffage fioul civray