Wood boiler

Wood boiler logs

Responsible behavior towards the environment increases the demand for renewable forms of energy. Wood as a renewable fuel burns without creating additional CO² and represents an interesting alternative in view of constantly growing without fossil fuel prices.

Today for wood boilers, whether natural draft or forced draft reversed, hydro accumulation (buffer tank of greater or lesser capacity) is the best solution: it reduces the risk of corrosion, increases yield and allows all types of facilities and regulations.

The hot water can be done: by the buffer tank if it allows, or by an independent DHW different capacities depending on the need of each.

Shredded wood boiler

The future of heating is conditioned to the fact that biomass is neutral release CO². The development of the technology of heating with wood chips and wood pellets is done in order to balance heating to both ecological and comfortable to use.

New technologies bring us even more comfort: the new system of ash removal cleans the boiler at regular intervals. Fly ash flue gas dust removal are automatically transported and discharged with the combustion ashes through ash removal screws. During the transfer to the ashtray, these ashes are reduced to 1/4 of volume, it saves space and reduces the number of interventions.

Pellet boiler (or pellets)

The pellet boiler is a technology using wood pellets (or pellets) in an automatic heating system.

This boiler has the advantage of being fully automatic in its fuel supply (pellets). It is easily integrated into the building and programmable according to your heating needs. Combustion is continually optimized by a thrust regulation. These benefits provide this type of very high performance device.

Gallery Wood boiler