Heat pumps

The heat pump is a heating mode that draws the calories within an existing environment to restore the inside of a home.

To produce heating, heat pump uses electricity. In particular need of an electric motor to compress the refrigerant.

The efficiency of a heat pump is expressed by the COP (coefficient of performance).

This reflects the amount of heat generated with respect to the electric power consumed by the compressor.

The higher the COP, the higher the heat pump is performing.

A heat pump with a coefficient of performance (COP) of 3 can reproduce 3 kWh of thermal energy per 1 kWh of electrical energy.

Gallery Heat pumps

Air / Air

This applies to the heat pump air-air that recovers calories contained in the outside air and releases it in the form of hot air or cool air inside the house.

Air / Water

Unlike the heat pump air-source heat pump air-water draws the calories in outdoor air but uses water to transport heat.

In addition, the air-water heat pump can afford to make hot water.

Water / Water

A geothermal heat pump recovers the heat from the ground of your land to transmit your heating emitters.

Its installation requires fitting sensors in the soil of your yard or garden. This can be done vertically, by drilling, or by a horizontal grading.