Water treatment

A water softener reduces the hardness of the water. The calcium and magnesium ions (good for health) are replaced by sodium ions.

The hardness of tap water is variable depending on the regions, it is called "soft" below 15 ° f and "hard" beyond 35 ° f. In France, a water softener must be set between 8 ° and 15 ° f according to the Ministry of Health. We must not go down to 0 ° f.

Water heater


The electric water heater is a traditional way to make hot water. This is simply an electrical resistance which heats the water to the right temperature.

With ACI dynamic protection system * Hybrid, the water heater lasts up to 2 times longer for aggressive water compared to a conventional water heater.

Gallery Sanitary


A solar water heater trap the sunlight in a water sensor that heats the domestic water. It is a simple and old system, now produced in series. A sensor of a few square meters facing south allows heat water and save a portion of the energy used by the locals.

A solar water heater consists of three parts:

  • A sensor on the outside, most often, but not exclusively, on the roof construction ;
  • A ball well thermally insulated to store the heated water ;
  • A flow of water delivery system between the sensor and the balloon through automatic regulation.

Principle of solar water heater

Two types of sensors are used, the sensors shots, the most common, and vacuum tube collectors. With absorbers dark, solar radiation is trapped by greenhouse behind a transparent wall. The recovered heat is transmitted to a copper tube in which circulates water or, more often, an antifreeze called heat transfer fluid. According to the temperature difference between the sensor and the balloon, automatic starts and stops a pump that circulates the hot fluid from the collector to the ball. The flask is equipped with a coil - exchanger - which transmits the heat to the domestic water. During the days without sun, electric heater or a boiler used extra.


The heat pump water heater resumes operation of the heat pump. It consists of a ball and a heat pump.

The thermodynamic balloon is capable of producing independently at any furnace, hot water saving energy and money. To do this, it draws heat from the hot air inside the building or outside.