Electrical installations of today can remain traditional course and have all the necessary safeties were regulating to obtain a certificate of compliance, but also be able to integrate all the new communications technologies.

Automation :

This means a system to map in terms of comfort:

  • I turn off my lights all with one touch starting.
  • I change my bright ambience with a single gesture in my favorite room.
  • I close with one touch my electric shutters.
  • I'm ordering my blinds by wind or sun.
  • I pay all my electric heater in one motion and at the same time.
  • I open my gate and I light my outdoor lighting with one touch.

gate operator

Since 1965 FAAC designs automation solutions for domestic, industrial and collective as well as to control access to pedestrians and vehicles.

Our offer is divided into 4 product families:

  1. Automation for gates and barriers: It includes industrial doors and garage doors.
  2. Entrances and automatic doors: It includes pedestrian doors, special doors and the complete lock
  3. Parking and access control: It includes pay parking and traffic terminals.
  4. Motors for roller shutters and curtains: It includes blinds, projection screens and curtains.

Four gate operators

  • A articulated arm: Automation for gates and barriers 391 24V. electromechanical actuator low voltage articulated arm for swing gates for domestic use with max leaf length 2 m (2.5 m with electric lock)
  • A jacks: Automation gates and barriers. electromechanical actuator for domestic use swing gates with leaf width max 3 ml.
  • Buried: Automation gates and barriers 770-24 VDC low voltage electro .Actuator buried for swing gates for domestic use with leaf length 2.50 m and max weight 500 kg C720 - 24V
  • Sliding: Gear motor for sliding gates for domestic use max weight 900 kg

Gallery Electricity

Central vacuum

New center made of polypropylene, for strength in line with the suction power it delivers. By Pass engine with dual turbine technology, guaranteeing a long life.

With engines of 1,400 to 2,800 W depending on the model, the range features the most powerful vacuum cleaners market. For you, this power translates into efficiency and speed. The large capacity bag prevents soiling to a constant suction power.

The plants are equipped with a full indicator of the bag and a maintenance indicator LED ensuring the user of its optimal functioning.

Aldes innovates by offering 100% useful accessories: special brush mats and car seats, nozzle end to pass between the seats, storage bag for accessories and flexible 100% practical.

The starting and stopping of the plant are insured by the Aldes without wireless technology. You plug the hose into the wall outlet, you shake it and you aspire.

After search Aldes, the handle combines ergonomics and efficiency. Nothing was left to chance in order to facilitate daily use: angles, grip, materials, flow ... while optimizing the suction efficiency.

Wall outlets, developed in collaboration with the great names of the electrical equipment are aesthetic, modern and practical. Perfectly integrated into your decor, they are now putting in height.


Improve air quality, thermal comfort and security to improve people's quality of life and energy performance in buildings.

Temperation ®, is above all an efficient ventilation system: A VMC double flow.

Thanks to the VMC, Temperation ® systems provide you :

  • A perfectly controlled air exchange
  • Filtration fresh air
  • The limitation of external noise disturbance