Solar boilers

Solar heating, have you ever thought about that? On that day, you may have smiled ...

But when we explained to you that solar energy is free and effective course in summer, but also in mid-season ... you will be surprised!

A well dimensioned solar installation and equipped with better sensors can reduce more than half of the invoice of fuel needed to produce hot water for your home. Sufficient to produce alone hot water during the summer months, solar energy will also ensure optimum preheat hot water in mid-season. The other power consumption will be significantly reduced as well.

If we point out that solar energy prevents your heating reject 750 Kg of carbon dioxide (CO²) into the atmosphere each year ... you will definitely be seduced. And especially since the whole solar collectors widely within the limits of the German eco-label "Blue Angel".

Additional advantage: high reliability and a long service life ensured by materials with a remarkable corrosion resistance as special solar glass, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. The quality test of the SPF Institute Rapperswil (Switzerland) demonstrates that, 20 years after the installation work, the thermal performance of the sensors are virtually unchanged.

tax credit under the terms of the 2006 law on finances applicable hardware prices professionally installed outside labor, 50% on equipment using solar energy.

The company is licensed qualisol 2010, a flat rate of € 500 will be given for your intallation solar projects.

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